Who I Am

Hello America.

My name is Jacob, and I'm no one special.  I live in a small house, have a passable job, a college degree, and like to watch movies on the weekends.  I don't live in poverty, and certainly don't live in luxury.  I'm just an average guy, not too different from anyone. But I'm a guy who can't keep quiet anymore.  There's too much to say, and not enough people saying it. 

For the last few years, it's become more and more apparent to me that our nation is under attack.  I don't mean an attack from outside, though those do exist and are very important.  No, I'm talking about an attack more insidious than that.  An attack on more than our life, an assault on more than our borders. This attack threatens our freedom itself, and comes from within our own borders.

These enemies are concentrated most heavily in the modern Republican party.  Oh, the Democrats aren't completely blameless; I'll not say that.  But the consistency, strength, and viciousness of the Conservative attack on our liberty is absolutely unmatched by any other significant group. 

"That's not fair," I can hear some say.  But of course it is.  When someone punches you in the nose, how could it possibly be unfair to call them out on it?  The very freedoms that define our nation are being stolen out from under our noses.  To draw attention to this fact, to point to the trangressors and say loudly, "They are doing this to us!" is the very definition of fair.

I'm only one voice, but I'm an honest one. And I'm tired of being quiet.