Who We Are

Our country is in danger.

I'm not exaggerating.  Not even  slightly.  Governments across our nation, both at state and Federal levels, are repeatedly taking away our rights, infringing upon our freedoms, and selling our futures.  The middle class is most obviously threatened by this, but what is America, if not the middle class?

The United States is not a country just for billionaires.  It is not a land of lobbyists and cohorts.  It is certainly not a collection of hyper-rich corporations.  We live in a nation of people.  People like you and me.  The middle class.  We're the class that made this country strong, and we're the class that can continue to do so well into the next century and beyond.

If we are allowed to.

But let's take a look around us.  State governments taken over by Tea Party fanatics are systematically stomping down on the middle and lower classes, trying their best to squeeze out any extra nickel that might benefit their corporate masters.  Republicans in the House of Representatives are fighting tooth and nail to keep health care away from those who need it most.  Republicans across the nation celebrate scientific illiteracy, and cry foul at anything resembling an educated opinion.  And FOX News churns away, whipping the Regressives across the country into a furor at anything even slightly productive concerning the future of our nation.

Our country is in danger.  We are being forced into serfdom, while a new noble class rises to stand upon our backs.  They have powerful tools, in the government and in the media, and they think that they can force us down.

They're right.  They can.  But only if we let them, and we won't.

We are America, and we will stand up for ourselves.