Monday, October 3, 2011

"More Pepper Spray! Please!"

Want to get angry?  Here are some comments on the Wall Street Journal about the protests taking place at Occupy Wall Street:
These protesters are parasites on our economy and country, seeking government handouts at the expense of hardworking Americans. You and your protester friends are not one of these Americans.   - JonJ
welcome to New York — we are not London — cops here do not run in the opposite direction of mob thugs.  - noislamists
More pepper spray! Please!
We need more?  Really?
That last one is signed "Me," in one of the biggest failures of creativity I've seen, even online, but I'm going to say that "noislamists" is probably the best indicator of the kind of people we've got here.

These are the people that oppose us.  What's sad is that there's a good possibility that these are middle class Americans.  The nobility has them so cowed and broken that they'll cheer innocent people being maced.  They kneel at the feet of the rich simply because they're rich.  "He has more money than me, so he must be worth more."  Remember, these are the kind of Ayn Rand worshippers believe that the poor should be allowed to starve to death. 

We can find these people everywhere.  Stand around a few minutes next to any newsstand and you'll hear someone complaining about how "Obama's stealing our money" or something.  Because that healthcare bill, the one that keeps people from dying?  That's just one step too far.  They're usually too embarrassed about their opinions to voice them in public.

On the internet, you'll see what they're really like.

Regressives like this are our enemies.  They are traitors to the American public, and are doing their best to sell us out to their corporate lords.

Be better than that.


  1. Hard working Americans? Do these people understand what Wall Street is?

  2. Ayn Rand worshippers believe that the poor should be allowed to starve to death.Wildfire Pepper Spray