Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did Georgia Kill an Innocent Man?

Short answer: Probably.

Slightly longer answer: Probably, but there's no way to know for sure, since they killed him

Troy Davis was charged with killing a police officer in 1989.  There was no physical evidence of the murder, only witness testimony and circumstantial evidence.  Since then, out of nine eyewitnesses, seven of them have recanted.  They signed affidavits changing their testimony.  Witnesses stated publically that they had been pressured by the police to implicate Davis.  But the prosecution argued that the affidavits were not admissable in court, and that the statements of the other witnesses were not relevant.  The court ignored the fact that witnesses implicated someone else as well.

Another man confessed to the murder.  Three witnesses signed affidavits stating that he confessed to them.  But this man was not subpoenaed, so the evidence was dismissed.

They executed him last night.  With no direct evidence of guilt.  With the majority witness testimony that was used as proof recanted by the witnesses themselves.  With the witnesses stating that they had been pressured to implicate him.  With another man having confessed.

Anyone who doesn't think that any of these developments is enough to cast some doubt on the case is an idiot or they're just blood-thirsty.  Any one of these things casts doubt, and all of them together casts a whole lot of it.

And he wasn't even given another trial.

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